1. Astropuff 3899 by Fire Farm Lighting

    The LED lid pendant light changes hue as you move around.

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  2. Backpack by Joshu+Vela

    Canvas bag, leather straps, brass zipper, and copper rivets.

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  3. Notum
    Branding by Daniel Brokstad

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  4. Club Man Shop
    By Calvin Tan

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  5. ÉCUME stools by Ferréol Babin

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  8. OXYMORON desk is a result of interaction between two contradictory materials that enhance each other and gain a new meaning. Two layers of foam with an alcantara cloth are placed between plywood sheets to form a toolbox to store documents, objects and technical devices.

    Anna Lotova   

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  9. screw:)
    by Studio Yumakano (via Homeli)

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  10. Kyoto Sideboard by Colonel

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  11. This enchanting photograph was taken in 1995 by renowned French photographer François Halard during his visit to the landmark Palm Springs home of architect Alfred Frey.

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  12. Apollo light designed by Lucie Koldova in collaboration with Dan Yeffet, 2013, is a combination of clear glass and marble.

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  13. Wall-mounted Araq bar cabinet for e15
    Philipp Mainzer

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  14. Ritto House  Alts Design Office

    Location: Shiga, Japan

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